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          Oversea Market

           dlTel:86-519-88813382    dl  Mail: chenlp@cmcw.com.cn




          About Us

          Changzhou Marine Cable Co., Ltd. (CMC), founded in 1958 and merged as a subsidiary of Zhongli SCI-Tech(Stock code 002309 in Shenzhen China) in 2010, is a high and new technology cable company of Jiangsu province specialized in R&D, manufacturing of marine cables, mine cables and other special cables. Total capital investment is up to RMB351 millions to the new facility which has 217 acres land occupation and 98,000 square meters manufacturing building. Total manufacturing throughput is 150,000km.Trademarked with “Seal” and “CMCW”, all our cables cover marine cables, mine cables and other special cables applied in ships, offshore oil rig, mines, new energy(solar and wind generator), aviation and aerospace. All cables we manufactured is under rated voltage 35kV and comply with international standard of IEC、NEK、MT、GJB、MIL、UL、HD、CSA and GB......




          Contact Us


          Add: NO.8 East Beitanghe Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu,China

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